Legal Notice


CASTELLÓ95 ABOGADOS (hereinafter, CASTELLÓ95) has its social address in C/ Castelló 95, I°B, 28006 Madrid.

Users can contact CASTELLÓ95 through the following e-mail address:


This Legal Notice regulates the use of the website XXXXX (hereinafter, the “Web Site”), that CASTELLÓ95 makes available to its users (hereinafter, the “Users”).

Through the Web Site, Users can reach all the information about the services provided for by CASTELLÓ95 (hereinafter, the “Content”).

  1. Users and information DataThe access to the Web Site and/or its use give to the person who do these activities the conditions of “User”, who accept, from the moment of the use, completely and without terms, the conditions hereinafter presented.
  2. Web Site, services and Content use

The Users accept to use the Web Site and its Content in compliance with legal provisions and in accordance with these Conditions (in addition to the changes of the Conditions themselves), and also with the Internet general rules of conduct.

CASTELLÓ95 will be able to establish limitations and/or additional conditions for the use and/or the access to the Web Site and/or to its Content. These conditions shall be respected by all the Users in any case. At the same time, the User will abstain from:

Using the Content with aims that can be considered illegal, prohibited or detrimental for third parties’ interests and rights. The User shall also not damage, make useless, overcharge, deteriorate or prevent the Web Site from its normal use, as well as its IT instruments, files and the content stored in IT equipment belonging to CASTELLÓ95 or to third parties.

Copy, duplicate, distribute, make available or transmit by any means (including e-mails), modify the Web Site Content, unless the Users behaves in compliance with the Creative Commons License for no commercial use.

Obtaining, trying to obtain or steal the Content.

InfringingCASTELLÓ95 or the legitimate owners’ rights on the Content.

Using the Content with commercial ad advertising aims, different from the ones expressively admitted.

Intellectual Property (I.P.)

All the information included in the Web Site, including texts, pictures, graphic drawing, HTLM, JAVA, JavaScript or ActiveX codes, among others, belonging to CASTELLÓ95 or to third parties, is guaranteed in compliance with the Creative Commons License mentioned above. The User shall respect all intellectual property rights on this Web Site, whose owner is CASTELLÓ95 or any third party, in accordance with the terms described in these Conditions.

Non-authorized use of what is included in the Web Site shall be considered an infringement of the legal provisions concerning IP and of other applicable legal provisions. Any infringement of these rights shall bring about judicial or non-judicial, civil or criminal proceedings that the undermined party shall consider suitable.

With the aim of protecting IP rights, if the User or a third party considers that an infringement of these rights has taken place, he/she shall notify CASTELLÓ95 of this circumstance in writing, using the contact information included in these Conditions.

CASTELLÓ95 shall be able to update and change these Conditions at its discretion, in order to comply with newly-introduced legal provisions.

The User accepts the fact that any change or update are compulsory and shall be in force from the seventh day following the date in which the updates/changes have been published in the Web Site.

In addition to that, the User accepts the fact that the continued use if the Web Site after the entry into force of the updates/changes shows his/her acceptance of the new Conditions.

CASTELLÓ95 shall change with no limits of time the Web Site presentation, configuration and localization, in addition to its Content and conditions required to use it.

The User shall check the latest version of the Conditions, always available on the website

Warranties and liability exclusion.

CASTELLÓ95 does not either provide for any warranty, or accept liability, in any case, for damages of any kind arising from the access or use of the Web Site Content. Among others circumstances, CASTELLÓ95 DOES NOT accept liability in the following cases:

Unavailability, lack of maintenance and operation of the Web Site and/or its Content, with the exclusion, in the way admitted in currently applicable legislation, of its liability for damages of any kind and nature due to the lack of availability or interruption of the service provided for the Web Site or its Content.

Lack of usefulness of the Web Site or of its Content for the User’s activities.

Content, products and services of other Internet pages which the links of the Web Site can refer to, directly or indirectly.

Presence in the Content of the Web Site of viruses, malwares, trojans and in general presence of all those programs which can be dangerous or detrimental.

Reception, achievement, storage, spread, transmission by the Users of the Content of the web Site.

Use of the Web Site by the Users which can be considered illegal, negligent, fraudulent, and non-compliant either with these Conditions and Legal Notice or with generally accepted codes of conduct.

CASTELLÓ95 shall not take charge of indirect damages, linked to or arising from these Conditions (including lack of earnings, loss of use, data or profits) with independence of their reason.

  1. Insertion of Links.

Those Users who want to insert a link, hyperlink or connection between the Web Site and their website (hereinafter, “the Link”) shall ask for authorization given by CASTELLÓ95, by sending a request to the following e-mail,

being subject to the following obligations:

The Link shall permit only the access to the Web Site, but it shall not be able to reproduce its Content.

Only hyperlinks to the home page of the Web Site will be allowed; deep-links with other pages of the Web Site or its services shall not be established. Not even shall be created a border environment (framing) on the pages of the Web Site.

The page where a hyperlink is established shall not contain any trademark, trade name, banner, logo, slogans or other symbols belonging to CASTELLÓ95, except those symbols which are part of the hyperlink itself.

In no case CASTELLÓ95shall be considered responsible for the contents, services, information or expressions made available in the Web from the moment in which the link is established.

No one shall include false, incorrect or wrong expressions or information concerning CASTELLÓ95, its clients, supplier, partners, associates, and employees, the Web Site or its Content.

No one shall declare or suggest that CASTELLÓ95 authorized the hyperlink or supervised or accepted the services offered or made available in the web page where the hyperlink has been established.

The hyperlink insertion does not either bring about the existence of commercial relationships between CASTELLÓ95 and the owner of the web page where the link has been established, or the acceptance and approval of its content and services by CASTELLÓ95.

The web page where the link has been established shall not include content which can be considered illegal, contrary to moral, public order or to Internet generally accepted customs. The abovementioned page shall not have content which can be considered contrary to third parties’ rights.

  • Contract validity

The performance has an indefinite duration.

Without prejudice of what provided in this clause, CASTELLÓ95 reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or terminate the performance of the Web Site and/or the services included.

  • Partial invalidity.

The declaration of invalidity or ineffectiveness of each one of these Conditions shall not affect the validity of other clauses, which shall continue to be in force between the Parties. A Party’s renounce to demand the fulfillment of the content of these Conditions shall not either imply a general renounce to the fulfillment of the rest of the obligations established in these Conditions or create an acquired right for the other Party.

  1. Legal actions in case of non-fulfillment.

CASTELLÓ95 reserves the right to commence legal proceedings in compliance with legislative provisions in order to demand the fulfillment of the User’s obligations according to these Conditions.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

This Legal Notice is regulated by Spanish Law. CASTELLÓ95 and Users, opting out the belonging forum, accept to be submitted to Madrid forum for the settlementof the disputes arising from the use of the Web Site and its Content.

Data protection.

The access to this Web Site does not imply that the User is forced to provide for his/her personal data. CASTELLÓ95 informs the Users that their personal data will be treated in compliance with the terms of the following Personal Data Protection Policy of this Web Site.


  1. Right to information.

This personal data protection policy regulates the access and use of the website XXXXXX (hereinafter, the “Web Site”), that CASTELLÓ95 (hereinafter, the “legal entity”) makes available for Internet Users (hereinafter, the “Users”) who are interested in the content (hereinafter, the “Content”) of this Web Site. This Content is linked to the activity of CASTELLÓ95 , and the information included in it has a merely informational nature.

CASTELLÓ95 strictly prohibits the reproduction, copy, use, distribution, sale and other activities that can affect the Web Site, unless the Users obtain a written authorization from the Legal Entity and respect the terms of the Creative Commons License which regulates the use of Web Site Content.

  1. Right to object, correct and update the personal data.

Users can require revoking their consent and/or exercise their right to access, amend, opposition and cancellation.

For this purpose, CASTELLÓ95 informs the Users that in order to exercise the abovementioned rights they shall send a requirement to the following e-mail address: .

In case of cancellation and/or annulment of the User’s expressed consent to personal data processing, CASTELLÓ95

can interrupt the performance of its services, if those data are necessary to the correct performance of the service itself.

In case of problems of any kind arising from the use of the Web Site, as well as in case of doubts or disputes deriving from our personal data protection policy, the Users can address to:


C/ Castelló 95, I° B, 28006 MADRID

Changes to this Policy.

CASTELLÓ95 reserves the right to change this Policy in order to make it compliant with legislative and case law updates, as well as to the legal sector current practice. In such a case, CASTELLÓ95 shall make clear the newly-introduced changes with reasonable advance in respect to their entry into force.

  1. Particular conditions.

Clauses concerning personal data protection policy included in these Conditions, possibly signed by CASTELLÓ95 and the User shall prevail in any case on this Personal Data protection Policy.


  1. Prohibition of non-required commercial communications through e-mail and other electronic media: anti-spamming.


Shall not collect Users’ data with advertising aims and shall return to the sender each communication which may have purchase or commercial aims of any kind, without prior request or consent.

Shall return to the sender other messages, of any kind, which were not priory requested or accepted by a group of people.

Shall not send chain messages which were not requested or accepted.

Shall not use distribution lists to which the firm can accede through its services, without prior consent of the User.

Shall not make available to third parties, with any aim, data collected in this distribution list. In accordance with current legislation about personal data protection, as well as about information society services and e-commerce, the User accepts that the personal data provided for by sending e-mails are absorbed in the file archives belonging to this firm, with the aim of making the performance of the services easier, identifying the Users who ask for personalized services, realizing statistical surveys which can improve our services, managing of basic administration activities, keeping the Users informed through e-mails or other communication media news, products and services linked to CASTELLÓ95 activity.

In case of commercial communications through e-mails or equivalent media, the User gives his/her expressed consent to advertising communications to be sent through those media.

IT security.

CASTELLÓ95 shall not be liable for damages arising from interferences, default, interruptions, viruses, damages to telephone network or disconnections in the electronic system, arising from reasons unrelated to CASTELLÓ95’s activity; the firm shall not be liable in case of delays or interruptions in the use of this system brought about by lack or overload of the telephone network or of the Data Processing Centre in the Internet or other electronic systems, as well as damages

That can be brought about by third parties through illegal meddling that CASTELLÓ95 cannot control.

The User is requested to be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable.

Protection measures of personal data.

The access to this Web Site does not imply any obligation for the Users to provide for personal data. If the User gives personal information, the data collected in this Web Site will be used with the aims, limits and rights established in the Organic Law 15/1999, about personal data protection, in compliance with Spanish law jurisdiction.

Users who provide for personal data accept that these data are incorporated in the file archives belonging to CASTELLÓ95 at the abovementioned address.

Users’ consent is also expressed to computerized and non-computerized data processing, with the aim of using them with advertising, operative and statistical purposes, belonging to CASTELLÓ95’s corporate object.

CASTELLÓ95 has adopted the technical and organizational measures to guarantee data security and integrity, as well as to avoid their alteration, loss, non-authorized use or access.

If Users provide for their e-mail address to accede to the services, they can show their decision not to receive any communication sent by CASTELLÓ95, unless this communication is not linked to the aim due to which the service has been required.

Any transfer of Users’ personal data to third parties shall be communicated to the parties involved, specifying the activity of the Entity to which the data will be transferred and the aim of their use.