Civil law

We provide our clients with our assistance in obtaining compensations and writs of execution; we also guarantee our support in carrying appeal proceedings against these legal actions if necessary. Legal actions for breach of contract, tort and professional liability in the field of Consumer Law, in case of manufacturing defects of the products. Associations setting-up.


Enforcement proceedings:

  • Personal and in rem guarantees.
  • Negotiable instruments: promissory notes, cheques, bills of exchange.
  • Endorsement of Spanish judgments and arbitration awards.
  • Provisional endorsement of Spanish judgments.


Successions mortis causa:

  • Hereditary wealth and partible inheritance.
  • Contestation of testament/last will contents.


International proceedings:

  • Allegation of foreign law in accordance with art. 281 of the Ley de Enjuiciamiento civil (Spanish civil procedure).
  • International judicial competence.
  • Applicable law in accordance with International Law rules.
  • Simultaneous pendency and connection of legal suits.
  • Precautionary measures.


Contracts drafting:

  • Commercial, agency, distribution, franchising, supply contracts.
  • Licenses in the field of intellectual property.
  • Outsourcing contracts.
  • Provision of work or service contracts, home-building contracts, turnkey projects.
  • Establishment of personal and in rem guarantees.
  • Association and co-operation contracts.
  • Advertising contracts.
  • Professional and intellectual services contracts.
  •  Study and interpretation of Spanish Renting and Leasing Statute (Ley de Arrendamientos urbanos) with particular reference ti the Community of Madrid and judicial proceeding about these issues.