Criminal Law

We have dealt with criminal issues of all kinds for thirty years, from summary trials to complex proceedings for crimes of perversion of justice (mostly in the case of public contracts), crimes against the assets belonging to individuals or against freedom and self-determination. We can rely on professionals specialized in gender violence issues.

    • Crimes and misdemeanours, in compliance with Spanish Criminal Code.
    • Civil liability arising from crimes.
    • Crimes against personal freedom and privacy; crimes against the respect of one’s image and the inviolability of the home.
    • Crimes against honor.
    • Crimes against one’s assets.
    • Crimes against public order.
    • Crimes against Public Administration.
    • Crimes against workers’ rights.
    • Crimes against foreign citizens.
    • Crimes against the State.
    • Gender violence.
    • Domestic violence.
    • Crimes against the environment and the protection of cultural heritage. Crimes in the urban and architectural fields.
    • Other crimes.